The Spoonbill Generator

Wings Of Men Who Wait

The early morning moon is pale as a chalk daub [F]

And fights against the creeping dawn [N]

Hills frozen in a shrug, pale shoulders [F]

Hunched against the wind's insistent push [Beefy ]

Indifferent to the gossip of the elms [loaf]

No birdsong in the air, no scurrying [Beefy ]

Paws disturb the rimy mould [Grayman]

Nor fossick for some prey 'neath fallen leaves [loaf]

The watcher stamps his feet against the cold [Beefy ]

And fumbles for his hip-flask; not for him [Roland]

The warm companionship of breakfast table [Beefy ]

No library of volumes leather-bound [Roland]

Lethe enfolds him, snug as any lair [F]

Whenas the stiff libation takes its hold. [Roland]

Warmed by the whiskey, he embraces the day [Big Andy]

And rubs night's burden from heavy-lidded eyes [Grayman]

As yet, no sign of movement from his quarry [Beefy ]

Nor from another quarter, where, unwatched [loaf]

Dark eyes observe both watcher and his target [Beefy ]

While a small sun climbs, hides itself behind an iron cloud. [F]

Now we, as quarry, what may we perceive [Roland]

Can we be sure we're even being watched? [Beefy ]

Windows blacken. Come day, a paler void [F]

Will blanch the hills beyond and keep us safe [Beefy ]

From darkened shapes that stalk in shadows darker still [Grayman]

We'll break our fast as though without a care [Beefy ]

Avert our eyes and venture past the door [F]

Into another future, like as to the past [Apsley]

Both discerned by Janus. A pitiless stasis [F]

Unresolvable except by breaking ground [Beefy ]

Shied away from hitherto [Grayman]

But move from here we must, when nightfall's cloak [Beefy ]

Brushes invisibly, save for shadows, over the earth [Apsley]

And moonlight's strange illumination turns skin grey [Big Andy]

And bleaches what it does not turn to sand. [Roland]

We'll move through this odd light as through a dream [F]

Bestirred by rogueish phantoms that do flitter by [Apsley]

Carrying with them the soul of the now dead day [Big Andy]

And shall we ever move beyond or break away [F]

From the weighting presences that drag us down? [Apsley]


Contributors: F, N, Beefy, loaf, Grayman, Roland, Big Andy, Apsley, Anon..
Poem finished: 8th December 2003 by K8.