The Spoonbill Generator

Stop Playing Tiddlywinks When I'm Watching

On the plains of Andalucia, I met a honking horse [Grayman]

And Stéban was his name, yes, Stéban was his name [Beefy ]

He had a funny accent - like a Moorish Ed, of course [Kansas Sam]

He was a horse of fame, yes, a honking horse of fame [F]

On the streets of Bratislava, I met a coughing crow [Anon.]

Who would not try my cheese, no, he would not try my cheese [Grayman]

He had a funny manner - just like Grouch Marx, you know [Beefy ]

But the cigars made him wheeze, yes, they made him cough and wheeze [Grayman]

On the mountains of the Moon, I met a whooping whale [Beefy ]

Whose hat was finest ham I say, whose hat was finest ham [Grayman]

He had a funny waddle - like a dog without a tail [Beefy ]

He thinks therefore he am, yes, he thinks therefore he am [Kansas Sam]

On the rooftop of my house, I met a flying pig [F]

His wings were made of rubber bands, such stretchy rubber bands [Karin]

He had a funny hairpiece - like my grandma's ratty wig [F]

But no-one understands, no, no-one understands [N]

Contributors: Grayman, Beefy, Kansas Sam, F, Karin, N.
Poem finished: 6th December 2003 by Anon..