The Spoonbill Generator

Bondage Followed Swiftly By Kickings

One misty, moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather [(trad)]

Two weathermen appeared, dressed head to toe in leather [Padfoot]

A joust, it seems, was written on the Mystic Radar Screen [asdf]

They took it on together, for the sake of God and Queen [Beefy ]

Bill Giles climbed on his trusty steed (whose name was Michael Fish) [Padfoot]

And cried: "I prophesy a storm!", as bold as you could wish [Beefy ]

Corey Quayle, his former foe, astride good Lucy Loch [Kansas Sam]

Predicted, "I'll rain on your parade, my friend, and also 'clean your clock.'" [F]

The steeds, though, weren't quite so sure the storm could be unseated [Kansas Sam]

(Plus both were rather clumsy; you see--they were clubfeeted) [F]

Clutching his barometer, Giles gave a lusty shout [Ventnor]

But Michael Fish, that mulish horse, wouldn't budge--the lout [F]

And, Oh!, the thundrous roaring, the lightning-flashing eyes [Beefy ]

Mere leather seemed no match for clouds of mail that armoured skies [Kansas Sam]

But when the heart is pure, a lack of armour counts for naught [Beefy ]

"We'll charge into this cold front for it needs a lesson taught!" [Padfoot]

With knowing glances, Mike and Lucy acquiesced to fate [Kansas Sam]

Their riders spurred them onwards - would they reach the eye too late? [Beefy ]

The thunderous claps, the gusty strife, the unforetold pell mell! [F]

That misty, moisty morning when the weather went to Hell [Beefy ]

Contributors: (trad), Padfoot, asdf, Beefy, Kansas Sam, F, Ventnor.
Poem finished: 5th December 2003 by Padfoot.