The Spoonbill Generator

Sometimes Almost Roundish

Pasquale's famously roundish tartan muffled [skokes]

Spherical sounds. Global, ballsy [F]

-- Always the roué, almost Patagonian. [skokes]

A raconteur of girth, rotundity [F]

Adding gravitas to each utterance [Beefy ]

In rounded, earthy tones [Grayman]

Like the purrs of Pavarotti engulfing a case of Milky Ways [asdf]

Or the orotund orator rounding off a phrase [Beefy ]

Like Orson Welles soused on a case of ripple sold before its time [asdf]

Or like a Sumo wrestler balanced on a dime [F]

Contributors: skokes, F, Beefy, Grayman, asdf.
Poem finished: 4th December 2003 by Beefy.