The Spoonbill Generator

Popcorn Of The French

When tapdancing down the Champs Elysees [F]

You must wear an iron codpiece [Ventnor]

You don't want the French to think you are gay [F]

Just think of all the things they'll say [Grayman]

(They're trying to French kiss your niece!) [F]

When snorkelling down the Grand Canal [Beefy ]

You should leave the protective at home [Grayman]

You don't want the locals all calling you 'pal' [loaf]

Or quoting an edict from Rome [Beefy ]

That likens your son to Prince Hal [loaf]

When tiptoeing down the Great White Way [F]

A chunk of iron is handy [Grayman]

No doubt, ere long, you'll be in a fray [F]

It happens almost every day [Big Andy]

Unless you're Mahatma Gandhi [F]

When suffling down old Basin Street [Big Andy]

Keep a rubber duck at your side [Beefy ]

An iron codpiece would be indiscreet [Grayman]

When worn by a non-blushing bride [Beefy ]

In estrus, or shall we say, "heat?" [F]

Contributors: F, Ventnor, Grayman, Beefy, loaf, Big Andy.
Poem finished: 3rd December 2003 by Beefy.