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Poetry Means Never Having To Wink

Puerile and dull is the Limerick form [Big Andy]

Haiku, if anything, worse [loaf]

And yet, oft times, these two are the norm [Big Andy]

But da-Da da-Da as meter and ABAB as rhyme are much more frequent verse [F]

Many a time a change has been tried [Big Andy]

But it's hopeless, we all know [F]

Because the changes often go unspied [Big Andy]

Then we jump up and down several times and a fit we have to throw [F]

A pattern can be made from apparent mistakes [Roland]

Except [Apsley]

When the errors that one makes [N]

Crept [Roland]


A pattern can be made from apparent faux pas [loaf]

Unless you're in the presence of your mother-in-law [F]

You can foxtrot with a two-step son, ra ra, [loaf]

Only if he's dressed like George Bernard Shaw [F]

Contributors: Big Andy, loaf, F, Roland, Apsley, N, Anon..
Poem finished: 1st December 2003 by Anon..