The Spoonbill Generator

Unless You're The Household Pet

Abrasively, your parrot squawks [F]

Of football, fish and figs [Ethetran]

Of omelettes, tripe and country walks [Big Andy]

And wearing powdered wigs [Ethetran]

Amusingly, your mother sings [Big Andy]

Off key and out of time [Beefy ]

The consternation that it brings [Ethetran]

Is really quite sublime [Beefy ]

Apparently, your tortoise hums [Ethetran]

(or smells a little ripe) [Grayman]

He's keen on taking up the drums [Karin]

And smoking on his pipe [Ethetran]

Amazingly, your bloodhound flies [Beefy ]

His stools are on my roof [F]

Please come retrieve these doggie "pies" [Karin]

Or I'll become aloof [F]

Alarmingly, your goldfish roars [Big Andy]

Time, perhaps, to flush it? [F]

I dursn't - have you seen its claws!? [Ethetran]

Step on it and mush it! [F]

Aspiringly, your mouse miaows [Ethetran]

He seems to think that he's a cat [Karin]

But when he takes up stalking cows [Beefy ]

Redecorate his flat [F]

Abhorrently, your poem drags [N]

And looks good in a dress [Big Andy]

I think it's time it packed its bags [Roland]

And filled them up with cress [Apsley]

Contributors: F, Ethetran, Big Andy, Beefy, Grayman, Karin, N, Roland, Apsley.
Poem finished: 28th November 2003 by Anon..