The Spoonbill Generator

Your Own Secret Body

A mesomorph, a mesomorph [Ethetran]

Is circling the old red dwarf [Beefy ]

Who lies in chains behind the barn [Roland]

A-spinning hay-stalks into yarn [Beefy ]

As Mother Nature taught [Apsley]

An ectomorph, an ectomorph [F]

Is singing along to Orff [N]

Who hides in fear behind the chair [F]

A-knitting carpets out of hair [Ethetran]

Without a care or thought [Beefy ]

An endomorph, an endomorph [Ethetran]

Is swimming toward a wooden wharf [F]

Where dwells an ancient fisherman [Beefy ]

Who once amused the catcher can [Apsley]

Although he was a sot [F]

Contributors: Ethetran, Beefy, Roland, Apsley, F, N.
Poem finished: 27th November 2003 by Karin.