The Spoonbill Generator

Grudges Over The Family Fishing Rights

Anthony Blair [Beefy ]

Is a plastic vicar [Padfoot]

We all know where [Beefy ]

He keeps his liquor [Grayman]

His drunken son [Roland]

Is an elbow head [Ethetran (after Weebl)]

Not much fun [loaf]

(I'm told) in bed [Ethetran]

His clever wife [Beefy ]

Owns lots of flats [Roland]

You'd bet your life [Padfoot]

They're filled with cats [Beefy ]

Who study hard [Roland]

In chemistry [N]

And read the Bard [F]

Sat on his knee [Padfoot]

His best friend, George [Beefy ]

Is a spanner magnet [Ethetran (Weebl again)]

Who tries to forge [Beefy ]

Peace with a dragnet [N]


Contributors: Beefy, Padfoot, Grayman, Roland, Ethetran (after Weebl), loaf, Ethetran, N, F, Ethetran (Weebl again), Anon..
Poem finished: 27th November 2003 by Anon..