The Spoonbill Generator

Bloodthirsty Tales And Unseen Lemons

I feel I must indulge in certain vices [F]

In order to prevent a mental crisis [N]

My therapist has said it's most cathartic [F]

And though I fear the silver cross and garlic [N]

The folklorish remedy entices [F]

Tonight I must decide upon my prey [N]

The small ones are more juicy, so they say [Ethetran]

My history has shown me most pragmatic [Big Andy]

And though my reputation's enigmatic [Beefy ]

Still I always dress in black, and never grey [Ethetran]

The pleasure of the chase begins to stir [Anon.]

Hm, who tonight will be the blood du jour? [F]

Through what maid's casement will the choir demonic [Beefy ]

Hymn my decadence with music disharmonic? [F]

Beckham is financialy Rich and mentally poor. [Slippery Sam]


In shadow must I prowl the city streets [N]

The heart of darkness passionately beats [F]

I leave their bodies limp, their spirits broken [N]

Two crimson close-set marks my farewell token [F]

But not a drop of blood upon the sheets [N]

Leave me to my nightly prowls, Herr Doktor [F]

Never have their chamber doors been locked-er [Grayman]

Despite my dreadful use of diction [Big Andy]

It makes for quite compelling fiction [Beefy ]

By a least-expected-plot concoctor [Ethetran]

Contributors: F, N, Ethetran, Big Andy, Beefy, Slippery Sam, Anon., Grayman.
Poem finished: 25th November 2003 by Beefy.