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Classes Unusual In School Environs

'MediŠval frolics in the gym?', the porter queried, [Apsley]

'We'll let you rip the wenches' bodices, you know' [F]

'But the rack and iron maiden will really have to go' [Ethetran]

"Romanesque debauchery in prep?" the matron countered [Beefy ]

'Those kids are libens, volens, potens, I'm afraid' [Ethetran]

'But the damsels from the sixth form don't seem to be dismayed' [Beefy ]

"Byzantine revelry in math?" the head coach wondered [F]

'I'd often puzzled just how vulgar fractions got their name' [Beefy ]

'But they seem to like the partial integration, all the same' [Ethetran]

"Renaissance-style orgies in the lab?" the Prof. suggested [N]

'If you'll be Michaelangelo and I can pose like David' [F]

'But Galileo's leaning tower has always been my fav'rite' [N]

"Trojan horseplay in the assembly hall?" the school nurse quipped [F]

I've never before seen Time and Tune this hearty [Grayman]

'There's only one thing left to say--and that's: let's party!' [F]

Contributors: Apsley, F, Ethetran, Beefy, N, Grayman.
Poem finished: 25th November 2003 by Beefy.