The Spoonbill Generator

Words That Fail MOTs

Preserve us from another bout [loaf]

Of that which we can do without [F]

Of ritual and rigmarole [Roland]

Of rhyming couplet folderol [Ethetran]

And all that crap! [Apsley]

Oh, save us from another round [Ethetran]

Of foolish dross that would astound [Roland]

Of formulas and platitudes [N]

Of Anglo-Saxon attitudes [Roland]

And all that tripe! [N]

Lord shield us from all balderdash [F]

From pseudoscience; new-age trash [N]

From pyramids, magnetism [F]

From therapy by hypnotism [N]

And all that dreck! [F]

Contributors: loaf, F, Roland, Ethetran, Apsley, N.
Poem finished: 25th November 2003 by Anon..