The Spoonbill Generator

Reeling From The Effects Of Beer

Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall [quasi]

And one dozen drunkards asleep in the hall [F]

Eighty-eight yellowish stains on the floor [quasi]

As well as a brown one in front of the door [F]

Seventy-seven lines that don't scan [quasi]

Surely not that many are now in the can! [F]

Sixty-six gallons of vomit expelled [quasi]

And numerous puddles have already jelled [F]

Fifty-five livers have seen better days [quasi]

Same number of sots stagger out in a haze [F]

Forty-four staggering drunks in the street [Big Andy]

And one of them managed to puke on my feet [Karin]

Thirty-three cases of diuresis abound [Big Andy]

Though some of their brain cells I hear are still sound [F]

Twenty-two boozified breaths on my face [quasi]

And how many times have I had to use mace? [F]

Eleven hours sleeping, passed out on the floor [N]

If I only could have but twelve hours more! [F]

Zero blood alcohol level - never in my life [N]

Did I think I'd brag like that to my darling wife! [F]

Contributors: quasi, F, Big Andy, Karin, N.
Poem finished: 24th November 2003 by Anon..