The Spoonbill Generator

Never Knowingly Renounce Walk-on Parts

A small incision in the chest-wall [Apsley]

Is a trendy thing to sport [F]

For those who seek but to crest-fall [Apsley]

I suggest they grow a wart [N]

A large martini before dinner [F]

Is a tragic waste of time [Roland]

For those looking to be thinner [Apsley]

I suggest they turn to crime [Roland]

A firm invitation to travel [Apsley]

Provokes us to linger indoors [loaf]

Where we can the carpet unravel [Apsley]

And spill stale champagne on the floors [Roland]

For opposites tend to atraction [Apsley]

And limit the casual scar [loaf]

I suggest you might get some traction [F]

If you propose in a car [Apsley]

Envoi [(trad)]

Forget your shame! [Apsley]

And take the eternal blame ... [Roland]

Contributors: Apsley, F, N, Roland, loaf, (trad).
Poem finished: 23rd November 2003 by Anon..