The Spoonbill Generator

The Frozen Meow

"I must remove that oil stain" muttered the piebald rat [Lobster]

Into the waiting ear-piece of a seven-year-old cat [Anon.]

"I will lick it up for you," the cat meowingly replied. [F]

Little did the rat know, but the cunning pussy lied [Apsley]

She hadn't eaten dinner yet, and fancied after rodent meat [N]

The rat was fat and seemed to Puss to be a tasty treat [F]

But unbeknownst to either one, the rat was full of poison [Big Andy]

He'd eaten fumigated berries (of the genus boysen) [F]

Contributors: Lobster, Apsley, F, N, Big Andy.
Poem finished: 23rd November 2003 by Anon..