The Spoonbill Generator

Only Known Criminals And Their Zebras

I think I saw an eagle fly across the Interstate [Irene Adler]

I fear that it must have met a most unhappy fate [N]

It flew too low; the driver swerved; alas, too less, too late [Kansas Sam]

And now that mighty predator claims flatness as a trait [N]

I think I saw a zebra sitting on my toilet seat [F]

Perhaps it came indoors, to escape the summer heat [N]

I cried, "What are you doing here?" It only licked my feet. [F]

So in a rage, I struck it dead: now lunch is zebra meat! [N]

I think I saw a parrot jitterbugging in a bar [F]

With feathers bright, and shiny beak, it knew it was a star [N]

An agent told him, "Come with me; I know that you'll go far" [F]

But out of shock, the bird collapsed - and now it's just a dead galah [N]

I think I saw a centipede play handball with a pal [Kansas Sam]

And, oddly, he was flirting, just like a Southern belle [F]

Although the smoke and mirrors made it really hard to tell [Beefy ]

I think a pachyderm came by and made him into gel [Irene Adler]

Contributors: Irene Adler, N, Kansas Sam, F, Beefy.
Poem finished: 21st November 2003 by Anon..