The Spoonbill Generator

Fifteen Broken Things

One day my name will be up in lights [N]

My number up in arms [loaf]

my qwerty will be backwards [swibbles]

I'll hear the first alarms [F]

One day that gun will be aimed at me [N]

I'll plead my innocence [F]

soil my clean underware [Big Andy]

(You see, I'll be quite tense) [F]

One day all of this will be yours [Big Andy]

No, really--you can have it [F]

It's wearing through around the knees [Ethetran]

I'd rather eat a haddock [F]

One day all I have will be gone [Big Andy]

I will be sitting on the streets [ceejay]

Thinking of my name lit days [Big Andy]

When TV shows weren't all repeats [Ethetran]

Contributors: N, loaf, swibbles, F, Big Andy, Ethetran, ceejay.
Poem finished: 20th November 2003 by Anon..