The Spoonbill Generator

So Let's Not Eat

The fridge is lurking in a corner - tempting me to sin [N]

With all its tasty goodies, hoarded frigidly within [quasi]

Shall I have the cream puff? Or perhaps a slice of roast? [F]

Or even something warmer, like ham and cheese on toast? [Big Andy]

I'm tired of counting calories, and lettuce makes me sick [N]

So melt down all the chocolate and mould it into one big brick [Big Andy]

Then after I have gorged myself and licked up all the crumbs [F]

I'll eat all of the ice cream with a massive bowl of plums [Big Andy]

And then when I am finished, I'll try to bring it up [F]

All that junk food disappears in one resounding "Blup!" [quasi]

Contributors: N, quasi, F, Big Andy.
Poem finished: 20th November 2003 by Anon..