The Spoonbill Generator

Tuppence For The Battery

Marie looked, but saw herself no more, [Apsley]

For she was presbyopic [F]

She turned aside, and wandered door to door [Beefy ]

All along the Tropic [Anon.]

Harry gorged, but saw himself as thin, [F]

For he was astigmatic [N]

He turned away, and said, "I cannot win." [F]

At least he was pragmatic [Beefy ]

Tony sneezed, but would not turn away, [Grayman]

For he was versophobic [Beefy ]

"Two stanzas into one" was all he'd say [Grayman]

In whispers anaerobic [Beefy ]

Rusty clanked, and beeped and buzzed while walking [Irene Adler]

For he was electronic [F]

It even jangled gentle Stephen Hawking [Kansas Sam]

Who spilled his gin & tonic [M]

Contributors: Apsley, F, Beefy, loaf, N, Grayman, Irene Adler, Kansas Sam, M.
Poem finished: 20th November 2003 by Anon..