The Spoonbill Generator

Till Eulenspiegel For Amateurs

There never has been a good time [Nym]

To suck on an old moldy lime [F]

Your lips, they will pout [N]

You'll spit the pith out [Karin]

And speechless, you'll work as a mime [F]

When your liquor is running on low [Randy]

And you're sadly lacking in dough [F]

You can build your own still [Karin]

And then you can swill [F]

Till your drunk as a out-of-work ho [N]

A boxer named Pete had a big 'un [Randy]

He found it while out the back diggin' [N]

As he dug him a hole [Randy]

He pulled out a mole [F]

But a mole in a hole ain't so big son [Randy]

A blowhard named Mr. Tucker [F]

Had a mouth that was one great big sucker [Randy]

He'd drone on and on [Beefy ]

With a certain elan [F]

Using words such as "smashing" and "pukka" [N]

Billy Sue was a smashing young lass [Randy]

But occasionally known to be crass [N]

Her belches would roar [Kansas Sam]

She dressed like a whore [N]

But she had an impeccable ass [F]

Contributors: Nym, F, N, Karin, Randy, Beefy, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 12th November 2003 by Anon..