The Spoonbill Generator

Into The Black Of The Tentacle

There was a young maiden named Sue [F]

Who'd shagged every guy that she knew [N]

Except for one Fred [Kansas Sam]

Who was happily wed [N]

And you thought I'd end this with "blew" [F]

She had a good friend, Mary-Jane [N]

Who was troubled with womanly pain [Randy]

Her loins, they did ache [N]

Then she met a young rake [F]

Who was happy to take all the strain [Beefy ]

Mary-Jane's lover, named Morris [F]

Had a secret affection for Horace [N]

That silly old Swede [Apsley]

Wearing demin and tweed [N]

Wished old Horace would give him a sore ass [Randy]

Contributors: F, N, Kansas Sam, Randy, Beefy, Apsley.
Poem finished: 11th November 2003 by Anon..