The Spoonbill Generator

Coma Compasses

A new indictment for the meek [Apsley]

The earth shall not be theirs [N]

Until the middle of next week [Linda]

In incandescant pairs [PeterWRC]

Their ultra-violet spectacles [Roland]

Behold the creeping earth [Apsley]

As, in among its tentacles [Roland]

They giggle at its girth [Kansas Sam]

A last entreaty for the shy [Nym]

Please join a milling throng [Francine]

You'll mingle in, then by and by [N]

You'll join a cult ere long [F]

The one that wears those funny robes [N]

With shaven heads and cut-off "things" [F]

(You fool! I mean their ear-lobes!) [N]

And not their dingalings [F]

Contributors: Apsley, N, Linda, PeterWRC, Roland, Kansas Sam, Nym, Francine, F.
Poem finished: 11th November 2003 by Karin.