The Spoonbill Generator

Tea With Cartoons

Between the kettle and the cot [Roland]

Take just a moment to reflect [Beefy ]

On why the sea is boiling hot [Kansas Sam (from Carroll)]

And why some ships get wrecked. [Irene Adler]

Mull, as well, the unkempt land [Kansas Sam]

That floats on high o'er dales and hills [(trad)]

Covered with volcanic sand [Ventnor]

Dropping dirt in little pills. [Irene]

Ponder next the arid sky [Kansas Sam]

Tempered with obscure regret [Roland]

Crying out a plaintive 'why?' [N]

From the nearest minaret [Roland]

Dwell upon the turgid swamp [N]

Nestled with its brother, fog [Kansas Sam]

So through the mud we romp [N]

Sore of foot and weary slog [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, Kansas Sam (from Carroll), Irene Adler, Kansas Sam, (trad), Ventnor, Irene, N.
Poem finished: 11th November 2003 by Anon..