The Spoonbill Generator

Little Extremes Of Bedtime Cocoa

Shorter than the shortest book [Roland]

Deeper than your mind [Ethetran]

More secret than the smallest nook [Lobster]

And harder yet to find [Ethetran]

Is the path that leads us here [Beefy ]

Steeper than the steepest slope [Lobster]

Slicker than a slug [Kansas Sam]

Dimmer than the dampest dope [Roland]

And flatter than a rug [Beefy ]

Is that fall that leads us here [Kansas Sam]

Taller than the tallest tree [Irene Adler]

Higher than a hawk [Kansas Sam]

More crooked than the weakest knee [Roland]

And dustier than chalk [Irene]

Is the dog that leads us here [Ventnor]

Lighter than all lighter gas [Roland]

Rounder than the Earth [N]

More lucid than the loosest lass [Roland]

And cheaper than it's worth [Naughty Queen, baaad quee]

Is the loss that leads us here [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, Ethetran, Lobster, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Irene Adler, Irene, Ventnor, N, Naughty Queen, baaad quee.
Poem finished: 10th November 2003 by Anon..