The Spoonbill Generator

The Abandoned Soup Molestors

The soup is rather thick today [asdf]

I told you I don't like puree [Francine]

And even alabaster urns [loaf]

Filled with curly-whirly ferns [Francine]

Don't distract my eyes from soup [Beefless]

When it tries to loop the loop [Apsley]

When a biplane hoves in view [loaf]

I think again of pureed stew [Beefless]

And all the urns I ever loved [Francine]

And one big spoiled tureen I shoved [Irene Adler]

Through the check-out hall, on wheels [loaf]

Buses turn my thoughts to broth [Apsley]

Symbols of some angel's wrath [loaf]

Towards the urns I love to love [Apsley]

Any other pots above [loaf]

E'en should they circumscribe a moth [Apsley]

Strewn consommé on a raft [loaf]

This poem is do very daft [Anon.]

(And at her spelling all have laughed) [loaf]

I find the croutons spoil the view [Ethetran]

Each rocky crag of toast askew [asdf]

Will serve to hide the eggs from sight [Beefy ]

Until the runway meets the night [loaf]

And turns anew into the light [Beefy ]

Contributors: asdf, Francine, loaf, Beefless, Apsley, Irene Adler, Anon., Ethetran, Beefy.
Poem finished: 10th November 2003 by Anon..