The Spoonbill Generator

Huddersfield Pie

Don't let that horse eat that violin [fester]

Don't let that cow eat that cello [Padfoot]

Open the door, let the choir in [Grayman]

And put on the kettle dear fellow [Padfoot]

They'll sing a song of sixpence [Ventnor]

And they'll only charge a shilling [fester]

Their rates are very low, hence [Padfoot]

The reason why they're willing [Lobster]

Forgive the tattered robes they wear [Kansas Sam]

To beg upon the dusty streets [Apsley]

Find a pence or six to share [Kansas Sam]

And ignore their naked teats [Francine]

Let them pet the horse and cow [Kansas Sam]

Let them keep their paltry pence [Francine]

It keeps them fed, we're not sure how [Nym]

Our puzzlement's intense [Francine]

Contributors: fester, Padfoot, Grayman, Ventnor, Lobster, Kansas Sam, Apsley, Francine, Nym.
Poem finished: 7th November 2003 by Anon..