The Spoonbill Generator

What The Great Are

A corset for the cranium [Roland]

A habit for the head [quasi]

Another pair of underwear [asdf]

Made from 'spent' uranium [Apsley]

Or osmium instead [loaf]

A bag of spent neutrinos [Ventnor]

A pocketful of stars [Francine]

Another vile nuclear pile [Kansas Sam]

And God? Well only he knows [Nym]

Why blind chauffeurs drive cars [Francine]

A suitcase full of memories [N]

And jet lag that encroaches [Francine]

The curse of ev'ry traveller [N]

Who ignores the auguries [Francine]

And dines on pickled roaches [N]

Contributors: Roland, Anon., asdf, Apsley, loaf, Ventnor, Francine, Kansas Sam, Nym, N.
Poem finished: 7th November 2003 by Anon..