The Spoonbill Generator

The Makeup Trowel

Never have I seen a more delightful face than yours [asdf]

Your head is but an inch across; the makeup thrice that depth [Ethetran]

Never have I seen a more blackheaded bunch of pores [Dassn't Say]

Never have I seen a more egregious crime than thine [Francine]

Thou hast soaked thy panties in my wine [Ventnor]

And even if I wring them out, 'twill never taste so fine [Ethetran]

Never have I whiffed a more polluted piss than this [Oopsydaisy]

However, let us celebrate a scheme so very orange [Beefless]

Although it seems at times these things are "hit or miss" [Francine]

Contributors: asdf, Ethetran, Dassn't Say, Francine, Ventnor, Oopsydaisy, Beefless.
Poem finished: 6th November 2003 by Anon..