The Spoonbill Generator

If They Reversed The Creosote

It didn't have to end this way [Padfoot]

And so, my friends, she ate the hake [Anon.]

Bones, scales and all, much to my dismay [Apsley]

My fish got blended in the cake [Kansas Sam]

Which came to take the plate away [Apsley]

When rent asunder by neglect [loaf]

'Tis time to pause for all to heed [Francine]

For when the atmosphere is wrecked [loaf]

The ozone layer will softly bleed [Apsley]

(At least the last we checked) [Beefless]

Contributors: Padfoot, Anon., Apsley, Kansas Sam, loaf, Francine, Beefless.
Poem finished: 6th November 2003 by Anon..