The Spoonbill Generator

Pray For Dinner

Another web, another fly, another day has wrapped - yet I [Kansas Sam]

Still sit here in my web secure, all safe and sound but yet unsure [Irene]

If food will find me on the morrow; time unfed is time I borrow [Kansas Sam]

From the arachnid God I love, in a heavenly web above [Padfoot]

At times I wish they'd let me be, then hunger strikes: I wait - will He [Kansas Sam]

A fly here send that I may eat--or web repairs I must repeat? [Irene Adler]

My silk comes slow, each line a strain; yet deep within my spider brain [Kansas Sam]

The pattern is already mapped; nor will I rest till flies are trapped. [Francine]

With spinnerets now sore and dry, the job is done; what's that? - a fly [Kansas Sam]

with wings so fine, so sweet and hunger I can scarce endure [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

The flailing legs, the desperate throes; my appetite only grows [Francine]

Stronger as he snaps each line, that life of his now surely mine [Kansas Sam]

With filaments as white as cloud I spin him in his gauzy shroud [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

I needn't give him time to die before I suck his innards dry [Ethetran]

I don't believe he suffers much; he doesn't have a mind as such [Grayman]

And those that fail to fly away ensure I live another day [Ethetran]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Irene, Padfoot, Irene Adler, Francine, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Ethetran, Grayman.
Poem finished: 5th November 2003 by Anon..