The Spoonbill Generator

We Are More Free In Play

I'd like to haiku [Karin]

Let's see if it develops [F]

I would enjoy that [Karin]

The joys of haiku [F]

Are sweet and subtle (most times) [Karin]

Delicate, harmless [F]

So now we can count [Ethetran]

Haiku can be so much more [Karin]

Much, much, much, much, more [Kansas Sam]

But there are more rules: [Ethetran]

(Meant to be broken, of course) [quasi]

(Not now; maybe soon) [Kansas Sam]

What about seasons? [Ethetran]

Spring, summer, fall, winter?...(nope...) [Kansas Sam]

One should be implied [Ethetran]

Mood: that's the ticket [Kansas Sam]

Ah, yes, you are correct, sir [Francine]

It takes some doing [Grayman]

Contributors: Karin, F, Ethetran, Kansas Sam, quasi, Francine, Grayman.
Poem finished: 5th November 2003 by Ethetran.