The Spoonbill Generator

Disaster Contest

Archaic persons, flummoxed [Bert]

Wring their hands and squawk [F]

Charging like a dumb ox [Irene Adler]

Eyes crossed like Peter Falk [Dassn't Say]

Into the path of the death-truck [Apsley]

They don't know what it is [Irene Adler]

They do not even give a fuck [Apsley]

When toward them it goes whiz [Dassn't Say]

Is it, then, their agedness [Apsley]

Which seals their flattened fate? [Kansas Sam]

To self they point their ragedness [Dassn't Say]

In search of bitt'rest hate [Apsley]

Contributors: Bert, F, Irene Adler, Dassn't Say, Apsley, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 3rd November 2003 by Anon..