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Recommendation To Decline Molloy's Meringues

A pound of grease is just the stuff [Apsley]

To break the bishop's heart [Surlaw]

If it's not already broken [Shipp]

It's a splendid way to start [Surlaw]

For messing his old psyche up [Apsley]

A wheelnut should suffice [Surlaw]

If placed into the orifice [Apsley]

That utters Edelweiss [Surlaw]

He might, betimes, then choke a whit, [Apsley]

He might, perchance, discharge [Surlaw]

The contents of his manly throat [Apsley]

In Cleopatra's barge [Surlaw]

The bishop is, when justly said, [Apsley]

More sinned-against than sinning [(trad)]

Yet, for his fondness for the queen, [Apsley]

His head shall go a-spinning [Surlaw]

Along those lanes that Plutarch's bed [Apsley]

Has blocked to all positions [Surlaw]

Save missionary or The Bean [Apsley]

Long live his inhibitions! [Surlaw]

Thus, in this wise, we plot and plan [Apsley]

To overthrow the mighty [Surlaw]

Whilst eager rulers stride abune [Apsley]

In negligée and nightie [Surlaw]

Though not at once, you should assume, [Apsley]

Nor even yet in tandem [Surlaw]

Unless together, on one loom, [Apsley]

They interknit at random [Surlaw]

Envoi: Salute all clergy [Apsley]

All demiurgy [Surlaw]

Without favour [Apsley]

In the vena cava [Surlaw]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw, Shipp, (trad).
Poem finished: 2nd November 2003 by Apsley.