The Spoonbill Generator

Even Elves Entirely Excellent

Twixt D and F I'm found, but missing from this ballad [Padfoot]

As you mull this conundrum through, go off and munch your salad [Karin]

What wings I sprout! I'll fly about. This paradigm is valid [F]

Many things you'll think of, but most don't fit my bill [Kansas Sam]

Furiously I daily munch a gumball or a pill [F]

Until that day that I will say it is too much, I will [Grayman]

Finding words that I can post on Indigo is hard [*th*tran]

But as long as I lack not in consonants, I am a worthy bard [ercheeepterex]

I must maintain my rhythm too - I mustn't drop my guard [*th*tran]

My ABC is undersold, a unit short of par [Grayman]

But still my rhyming flows - I didn't think 'twould go this far [*th*tran]

(A stowaway in 'undersold', adjoining Mr R) [loaf]

Oh rats! I thought I'd got it right [Grayman]

Got too much on your mind, you might? [Karin]

At night on Hallowmass, I always crouch in fright [F]

Contributors: Padfoot, Karin, F, Kansas Sam, Francine, Grayman, *th*tran, ercheeepterex, loaf.
Poem finished: 1st November 2003 by Anon..