The Spoonbill Generator

Spooks Like Us

On Halloween lock all your doors [F]

And off your lights, and hug your floors [Kansas Sam]

Hang smelly garlic 'round your neck [F]

And squinch your eyes, and hope like heck [Kansas Sam]

That goblins don't lurk under beds [F]

In kitchen sinks or garden sheds [Padfoot]

Keep the bat far hence, far hence [Dassn't Say]

Bolt the gate on your picket fence [smrtypnts]

Keep a silver bullet near [Irene Adler]

Don't let the hellhounds smell your fear [F]

And clutch a wooden stake in hand [Irene Adler]

And don't forget your pentagram [F]

Contributors: F, Kansas Sam, Padfoot, Dassn't Say, smrtypnts, Irene Adler.
Poem finished: 1st November 2003 by Anon..