The Spoonbill Generator

Exchange: Offer Me Something

I'll make you an offer you can't refuse [F]

Three shillings for that pie [Padfoot]

As long as you throw in some rotgut booze [Dassn't Say]

Singing this'll be the day that I die [(J. Browne)]

I'd also like to offer you [Irene Adler ]

A turnip for your boots [Grayman]

Perhaps I'll add some parsnips too [Karin]

Between your toes they'll put down roots [Dassn't Say]

Another proposition, sir [F]

If you can spare your jacket [Grayman]

I'll trade it for this cockleburr [Irene Adler]

And a loose-stringed tennis racket [smrtypnts]

One final proposal will I submit [Karin]

On this eve of All Hallow's Day [smrtypnts]

For you a muffler will I knit [F]

To muffle your screams as I slay.... [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Contributors: F, Padfoot, Dassn't Say, (J. Browne), Irene Adler, Grayman, Karin, smrtypnts, Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 31st October 2003 by Karin.