The Spoonbill Generator

Why Do The Unusual? Why Not!

Why must you paint your toenails ruby red? [F]

To match, My Gem, the color of your head [Kansas Sam]

Why assume the appellation: Fred? [F]

Purely because I thought that's what you said [Grayman]

Why must you insult my haberdasher? [F]

Well, insulting your cobbler seemed so much rasher [Ethetran]

Why must you be a Gumby basher? [Dassn't Say]

Cuz I don't take kindly to a little green flasher [Karin]

Why must you go to restaurants by the score? [Kansas Sam]

It's either that or scraping food off my kitchen floor [Karin]

Why must you draw with crayons in the rain? [Irene Adler]

Cuz it never fails to drive you insane [F]

Why must you wear that long prong on your nose? [OxyContin Rush]

I'd look rather silly wearing a prong on my toes! [Karin]

Why must you carry that trophy everywhere? [Irene Adler]

Cuz I won, I think it's only fair [F]

Why must you yell "Go Fish!" each time you get mad? [Irene Adler]

Cuz it's a favorite line I learned from dear old Dad [F]

Why must you wear a snorkel on your ear? [Irene Adler]

In case I feel the urge to go jump off a pier [F]

Contributors: F, Kansas Sam, Grayman, Ethetran, Dassn't Say, Karin, Irene Adler, OxyContin Rush.
Poem finished: 31st October 2003 by Ethetran.