The Spoonbill Generator

No Fry-up For Presidents

Jacques Chirac would eat no snack [fester]

George Bush would eat no greens [Ethetran]

But to and fro their food they'd throw [Grayman]

The U.N. thought them teens [Kansas Sam]

Tony Blair would eat no pear [fester]

George Bush would eat no prune [Beefless]

But sandwiches they'd often share [F]

Wherever zilch lay strewn [Kansas Sam]

Osama Bin would eat no pork [F]

George Bush would eat no crow [Kansas Sam]

But olives they would often fork [F]

When off to war they'd go [Karin]

Saddam Hussein would eat no pie [Padfoot]

His sons would eat no cake [F]

But bacon they would often fry [Padfoot]

While reading William Blake [F]

Arafat would eat no sprat [Grayman]

George Bush would eat no cheese [Ethetran]

But they enjoyed their tongue of bat [Dassn't Say]

When wintry winds did freeze [Olethros]

For Jimmy Carter, no steak tartare [OxyContin Rush]

And Ronnie ate no corn [Irene Adler]

But Nancy passed out at a bar [Dassn't Say]

And starred in secret porn [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Bill Clinton swore off Peking duck [Dassn't Say]

Just that and nothing else [F]

He said "I'll eat no foreign muck [Padfoot]

That's gonna make me belch." [fester]

No apple crisp for Hillary [Irene Adler]

Adhering as it does to thighs [Dassn't Say]

And TV loves to pillory [Irene Adler]

Rich bitches of that size [fester]


Contributors: fester, Ethetran, Grayman, Kansas Sam, Beefless, F, Karin, Padfoot, Dassn't Say, Olethros, OxyContin Rush, Irene Adler, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Anon..
Poem finished: 30th October 2003 by Karin.