The Spoonbill Generator

Always Vainglorious Hootenannies

I bought a little bandersnatch [F]

His name was Elvis P. [quasi]

The trouble was, his claws would catch [Grayman]

the doorjamb of the booby-hatch [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And bring him back to me [Apsley]

Then he returned with Eminem [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And pal, Sir Elton J. [Kansas Sam]

Who (as you know) is rather femme [F]

Unlike the macho Mr. Nym [Kansas Sam]

Who lisped, "I am not gay!" [F]

Bad Bander bounced by blue "bi" Bars [Anon.]

But never would go in [Grayman]

He kept his dreams in mason jars [F]

His eyes were fixed upon the stars [Grayman]

He said, "I'll drink more gin." [F]

Contributors: F, quasi, Grayman, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Apsley, Kansas Sam, Anon..
Poem finished: 27th October 2003 by Ethetran.