The Spoonbill Generator

Lemon Feet

Your limpet grasp gives me no rest [Apsley]

Nor order, your acetone seal [Roland]

Nor your polyester vest [F]

We just won't get along, I feel [Beefy ]

With me in a tripletty mood [loaf]

All dressed in a velvetty snood [Beefy ]

And you in plodding duple time [loaf]

At least you have the nous to rhyme [Beefy ]

The pelmet is a zone apart [loaf]

I go there with a heavy heart [Beefy ]

Your limpet grasp gives me no rest [(trad)]

Your methanol is wearing [Grayman]

Through the outside of the chest [Apsley]

It makes me feel like swearing [Grayman]

Like swearing in a force-nine gale [Apsley]

I swear and swear to no avail [Beefless]

It doesn't stop it soaking through [Grayman]

Time to hire a cleaning crew [F]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, F, Beefy, loaf, (trad), Grayman, Beefless.
Poem finished: 27th October 2003 by Anon..