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Profit and the Usual Umbrage

Lest we profit from the slides [loaf]

I'll hide the microscope [F]

And several of my books besides [Beefy ]

And endless shanks of rope [loaf]

We'll say we never met this night [Beefy ]

And sang from different sheets [Roland]

We'll burn the proof by candlelight [Beefy ]

And snuff each lamb that bleats [Kansas Sam]

Let forensic sharks go hang [loaf]

Their wits are dim, at best [Kansas Sam]

Their subtle probes will boomerang [Beefy ]

Both ant and anapaest [loaf]

I never met an anapaest [Grayman]

Though boors are two a penny [Apsley]

And knowing you filled me with zest [F]

To ride the spinning jenny [Apsley]

But in its lack, I'll ride a hake [Beefless]

Or sit upon a pin [F]

Or bake a file in a cake [Kansas Sam]

And kiss my kith and kin [F]

Jail is dull - let's face it, Dude [Kansas Sam]

Though your wife was duller [F]

So tell the Board when you're reviewed [Kansas Sam]

You'll wear the priestly collar [F]

Contributors: loaf, F, Beefy, Roland, Kansas Sam, Grayman, Apsley, Beefless.
Poem finished: 26th October 2003 by Anon..