The Spoonbill Generator

Theatre of Heads

The film was droll, though there were dull stretches [F]

And the theater was peppered with deep-breathing letches [Dassn't Say]

The old-time show palace had seen better days [Irene Adler]

And custom was suffering a general malaise [Grayman]

I munched on my popcorn - and stared straight-ahead [Kansas Sam]

That roaring MGM lion just fills me with dread [F]

I think I prefer the bloke hitting the gong [Grayman]

Though not when he strips and then bursts into song! [Apsley]

It was Zero Mostel, who'd returned from the dead [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

With scuba mask perched on the top of his head [Irene Adler]

And doing a tango with Greta Garbo [F]

In a flick by some auteur whose pals call "Truffaut" [Kansas Sam]

I shuffled my feet on the Coke-sticky floor [Irene Adler]

And while the credits were rolling I yelled out, "Encore!" [F]

The projectionist yelled back, "I'm outta here, Dude..." [Kansas Sam]

I'd show him "The End", but then that would be rude. [Irene Adler]

Contributors: F, Dassn't Say, Irene Adler, Grayman, Kansas Sam, Apsley, Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 25th October 2003 by Anon..