The Spoonbill Generator

When I Glorify the Bike

I ride my bike around the house [quasi]

I ride my bike around [Grayman]

And, sometimes when I'm in the mood, [Apsley]

I yodel without sound [F]

I yodel louder in the yard [Kansas Sam]

I yodel louder there [quasi]

Especially when in the nude [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

(The neighbours always stare) [quasi]

I clip my toenails on the roof [Irene Adler]

That's where I clip my nails [quasi]

And you must know that when it rains, [Irene Adler]

I hunt for holy grails [F]

I rollerskate inside my room [quasi]

I rollerskate about [F]

I wear my frilly pantyhose [quasi]

The Limbo splits them out [Kansas Sam]

I cook my food at City Hall [Irene Adler]

My food, that's where it's cooked [quasi]

The mayor gets irked, but what the heck [F]

The funny farm was booked [quasi]

Contributors: quasi, Grayman, Apsley, F, Kansas Sam, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Irene Adler.
Poem finished: 25th October 2003 by Anon..