The Spoonbill Generator

Aperitifs to Drink When Meeting Your Maker

The mustard in my lemonade [asdf]

Has surely added flavor [d]

I don't regret the price I paid [willh]

This pungent drink to savor [Irene Adler]

The catsup in my daiquiri [F]

Has made it somewhat thicker [asdf]

I'm not averse to flattery [F]

But liquor (yes...) is quicker [Kansas Sam]

The relish in my margarita [Karin]

Has brought a brand-new spirit [Kansas Sam]

I feel so very like Evita [F]

But still that won't endear it [Ethetran (after Lehrer)]

That gherkin floating in my beer [Dassn't Say]

Has got a little bloated [Grayman]

I think I may not drink it here [Irene Adler]

In case I get demoted [Grayman]

And so, when schtuff gets in your drink [Beefless]

Remember this advice: [Karin]

Before you think to cause a stink, [Apsley]

Sip once, think twice, be nice [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: asdf, d, willh, Irene Adler, F, Kansas Sam, Karin, Ethetran (after Lehrer), Dassn't Say, Grayman, Beefless, Apsley.
Poem finished: 24th October 2003 by Karin.