The Spoonbill Generator

Therefore I Can Be Repeatedly Woggled

I seldom spurl the gaffled zern [F]

Despite what prac you've heard [Kansas Sam]

I will admit I crof my yurn [quasi]

But please don't threab a word [Kansas Sam]

I often like to zerd the morf [Karin]

But only if I'm spacked [F]

If truth be told I blorped the gnorf [Karin]

And then was promptly cacked [F]

I sometimes lack the nunderhead [Grayman]

To know just when to fleeb [F]

Or when to stursh the blisterstead [Dassn't Say]

(A murlish little dweeb) [Grayman]

I rarely scub the tonibell [Irene Adler]

Although I'm known to whostle [Grayman]

My schmu and I then rest a spell [Kansas Sam]

Curled up like a xostle [F]

Contributors: F, Kansas Sam, quasi, Karin, Grayman, Dassn't Say, Irene Adler.
Poem finished: 24th October 2003 by Anon..