The Spoonbill Generator

Perhaps You Think I'll Hide

A walk in the park is all very nice [d]

But a stroll on the beach is better; [willh]

Would you like some rum cake? let me cut you a slice [Randy]

Or send you a lyrical letter [F]

When walking or strolling, don't eat too much cake [asdf]

Or you'll cramp; I know this is certain [F]

Won't you wait for a swim? let me save your mistake [Kansas Sam]

And hide behind a curtain [F]

While waiting, this letter might be just the thing [Kansas Sam]

To make you jump up and cry, "Yowzah!" [F]

A king for the day, and a day for the King [Grayman]

Will make you grin wider than Bowzah [asdf]

Contributors: d, willh, Randy, F, asdf, Kansas Sam, Grayman.
Poem finished: 24th October 2003 by Anon..