The Spoonbill Generator

The Frequency for Repaginated Ladies

Persephone once said to me [F]

Whilst promenading by the sea [Fatty]

"Some people call me Percy Phone" [Ethetran]

So Russell Hoban's not alone [Roland]

But how shall we ourselves atone [Beefy ]

To dear wave-drenched Persephone? [Irene Adler]

Elizabeth, all out of breath, [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Once won a hurdles race with Death: [Apsley]

Persephone said, "My old man [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Will cheat at any game he can [Roland]

So eat no seeds from his saucepan [Irene Adler]

Nor emulate MacBeth [loaf]

Miss Mary Mack, all dressed in black, [Irene Adler]

Stole her father's heart-attack [loaf]

And then she stole her mother's gout [F]

So clutched her chest and limped about [Grayman]

Her brother? He was just a lout [F]

There was no doubt he'd get the sack [Beefy ]

What of Lola, she whose name [Roland]

Suggests she might be on the game? [fester]

She's often seen in dim-lit bars [Beefy ]

With dark brown voice and padded bras [loaf]

But so are many movie stars [Beefy ]

Lola's rack is much the same [Dassn't Say]

Comes the morning, comes the 'bus [Roland]

School will be the death of us [Beefy ]

Light and life to some it brings [(trad?)]

Learning all the dates of kings [Beefy ]

How, I wonder, shall we know [Roland]

Unless we're learning as we go? [fester]

Contributors: F, Fatty, Ethetran, Roland, Beefy, Irene Adler, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Apsley, loaf, Grayman, fester, Dassn't Say, (trad?).
Poem finished: 23rd October 2003 by Anon..