The Spoonbill Generator

My Corduroy Mariner, Correspondingly

With skin as pale as honesty [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And eyes as black as sin [F]

I snuffed the silver candle [loaf]

And drained my glass of gin [Dassn't Say]

My heart hung leaden in my chest [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

My pulse was out of time [loaf]

The Derringer within my vest [Kansas Sam]

was everything sublime [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

"Aha," I said, and then, "Oh, no!" [F]

As, through the darkened pane [Roland]

I glimpsed that wan, familiar form [Beefy ]

That bitter, melancholy Dane! [Dassn't Say]

That melancholy Dan ... [Roland]

With heart as cold as Acheron [Beefy ]

And liver hot as hate [Ethetran]

He mused upon his father's death [Beefy ]

And what should be his fate [Irene Adler]

A shadow passed across the moon [Roland]

(In semblance of the king) [Apsley]

While, down below, a doleful tune [Roland]

the clock began to sing [Kansas Sam]

"To be", he said "or not to be" [Beefy ]

"To skip, perchance, to hop" [F]

He went to see his uncle then [Beefy ]

But something made him turn and stop [Roland]

Something made him sto... [Irene Adler]

With hair as fine as spider's web [Ethetran]

And skin as thick as steel [Beefy ]

I ventured to the moors again [Ethetran]

To find out what was real [Irene Adler]

The chill wind blew about my face [fester]

The ravens croaked and cawed [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

I saw the Dane was sniggering [Kansas Sam]

A lusty peasant bawd [F]

About a farmer and his wife [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

Was ranting with a will [Beefy ]

Is this a dagger, or a knife [loaf]

I see it not; I see it still [Ethetran]

I see it not; I see it sti.. [Beefy ]

With voice as chilled as icicles [Irene Adler]

And rage as warm as soup [Ethetran]

I spoke, as did my Derringer [Irene Adler]

My honour to recoup [Beefy ]

A cloud swept gray across the moon [Irene Adler]

The Dane recoiled in shock [Ethetran]

And clutched again his trusty spoon [F]

And picked a second lock [loaf]

He stumbled off and disappeared [Irene Adler]

Into the driving rain [fester]

Across my eyes the image seared [Irene Adler]

And left a residue of pain [Fatty]

And left a residue of pai... [Irene Adler]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, F, loaf, Dassn't Say, Kansas Sam, Roland, Beefy, Ethetran, Irene Adler, Apsley, fester, Fatty.
Poem finished: 22nd October 2003 by Anon..