The Spoonbill Generator

Mary, Nary, Oh-So-Scary

"I never think when I can talk," [fester]

The newsman said to the cub [Kansas Sam]

But write until the day comes up [keith c]

When you drown in the tub [Tristan]

"I never look when I can leap," [F]

The skydiver said to his chute [Kansas Sam]

But then, I sow whate'er I reap [F]

The seed begets the fruit [Grayman]

"I never walk when I can run" [Padfoot]

The athlete told the starlet [F]

But running out of things to say [Beefy ]

Instead, painted the town scarlet [Anon.]

I never nail when I can screw [Dassn't Say]

To his 'prentice the joiner made clear [Beefy ]

But keep your hammer clean and sharp [asdf]

And keep at hand a keg of beer [Dassn't Say]

"I never Spoon when I can Bill," [quasi]

The silversmith told his client [F]

You better pay me what you owe [quasi]

You know I am a tyrant [F]

Contributors: fester, Kansas Sam, keith c, Tristan, F, Grayman, Padfoot, Beefy, Anon., Dassn't Say, asdf, quasi.
Poem finished: 19th October 2003 by quasi.