The Spoonbill Generator

Any Compound of Phosphorus

Paradigm of porters' skill [(trad)]

Zeitgeist of Zarathustra [F]

Era of Erasmus' will [Anon.]

Data modes of Dijkstra [archaeopteryx]

Hiking boots of Hawking [Padfoot]

Hobnailed boots of Hoyle [Beefy ]

Herschel in his boots for walking [Roland]

Olives of the Lady Oyl [archaeopteryx]

But when, in pensive or in sullen mood [(trad?)]

You stand on the window ledge [F]

You know it won't do any good [Grayman]

You'll just bounce off someone's hedge [F]

Contributors: (trad), F, Beefy, archaeopteryx, Padfoot, Roland, (trad?), Grayman.
Poem finished: 17th October 2003 by Ethetran.